Introduction to scientific method

In this course students experience the scientific method by doing small and straightforward experiments. Using the seashores on the UCN-campus and the seawater teaching lab, students make observations of marine invertebrates, formulate questions and hypotheses, design and conduct small-scale experiments, and evaluate and discuss their results. The outcomes of these studies are then synthesized in entertaining videos and in informative webpages. 



www.romaleonpolyodon.webnode.cl (Romaleon polyodon)

 http://heliaster.hostoi.com/http.htm (Heliaster helianthus)

 http://meyenaster.hostei.com/ (Meyenaster gelatinosus)

www.wix.com/die610/nelsoni (Prosorhochmus nelsoni)

www.betaeustruncatus.webnode.cl (Betaeus truncatus)

http://www.wix.com/die610/planaria?#! (Planaria sp)